"Assisting those Called to a Sacred Healing Role - Spirit is Without Boarders and So Are We"


Who Are We

INELDC is an International End-of-Life Spiritual Doula Course created to provide Professional Education and Achievement Awards to the Worldwide Community of persons who are Called to the Sacred End-of-Life Healing Role as a Spiritual Doula.

The Spiritual Healer Licensing we facilitate is provided by the Federation of Spiritual Healer Licensing Boards/FSHLB.

Our Belief

We believe that ultimately that End-of-Life is Spiritual Doulas' can assist the Dying within certain Legal Parameters to Create a Good and Wholesome Transition by Consciously Healing themselves within the Spiritual Domain.

We believe that persons seeking the Services of an End-of-Life is Spiritual Doula decides when Healing has been achieved.

We believe that ultimately that End-of-Life is Spiritual Doulas' are Vital in End-of-Life Spiritual Healing.

Our Purpose

INELDC provides Professional Education and Credentialing Opportunities to those seeking to become End-of-Life is Spiritual Doulas' Worldwide.

INELDC assists our End-of-Life is Spiritual Doulas' within the United States, Canada and other Countries to become Licensed Spiritual Healers.

INELDC offers Resources to our End-of-Life is Spiritual Doulas'.

INELDC promotes End-of-Life is Spiritual Doula Codes of Standards/Ethics with our Graduates.

INELDC informs our End-of-Life is Spiritual Doulas' and the Public of Changes and Opportunities within Spiritual End-of-Life Care.

INELDC provides avenues to our End-of-Life is Spiritual Doulas'  for Empowerment and Community Building.