If you would like ISHPA to Approve your Program

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ISHPA operates as a Verifying, Designating and Certifying Agent, on behalf of some Approved Programs who do not have a Certifying Agency, Board or Association already in Direct Service to them. Although, we may establish a Services with the Program outside their Scope of Partnership with anyone


We provide Professional Education to equip Spiritual Healers with the ability to operated Professionally, Ethically, with an appropriate Informed Consent and Spiritual Coaching Skills. 

We also continually develop courses that will aid in the Continued Education of Spiritual Healers.

SHPLI is the Educational Program of ISHPA.

ISHPA Professional Designations are available to ISHPA Members Only.


SomaEnergetics trains in a series of Vibrational Sound Healing Techniques developed by David Hulse at the turn of the century using the power of the ancient frequencies via our custom made Solfeggio tuning forks.  We offer training in live workshops and via DVD Home Study Courses. Course materials including Color Solfeggio Tuning Forks, Energy Tuners and Body Tuners.

ISHPA Professional Designations are available to ISHPA Members Only.

SomaEnergetics USA & Canada Certifications Titles are available from the Natural Therapies Certification Board (NTCB) to Residents of the United States.

SomaEnergetics International Certification Titles are available through ISHPA's Certifying Agency Program. Contact Tim Leach, ED at  [email protected] for details.



The mission of the Natural Therapies Certification Board (NTCB™) is to certify and verify credentials of qualified professionals who reside in the United States in the natural therapies field, including biofeedback, neurofeedback, sound, reflexology, aromatherapy, pain/stress management, and other modalities in accordance to strict industry standards, blueprints, and in compliance with our professional and ethical code of conduct.

Please check Types of Certification which provides you with a more comprehensive listing of natural therapy modalities that the NTCB certifies. Please note that our certifications are trademarked. Please see History & Trademarks for more information.

In addition to the benefits of being certified through the NTCB, the NTCB publishes a monthly newsletter to advise you of important news and events affecting the natural therapies industry.  

The mission of the Federation of Spiritual Healer Licensing Boards is to support and accredit licensing agencies for all religions and spiritual paths. We do this through a process of upgrading course requirements and delivery of services to meet stringent standards  application to government agencies and the Federation.

The Licensing offered is NOT a Federal, State, County or City License in any jurisdiction of the United States of America or abroad but, is of an Ecclesiastical Nature.