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Spiritual Healer Professional Association TM
Assisting to Verify, Certify and License Spiritual Healers Worldwide 
Spirit is Formless and Without Boarders, So are We

"So let everyone of you according to the gifts they have received minister the same to humanity." 

Membership Statement

ISHPA Membership Designations are Validation of your Particular Spiritual Healing Abilities, Gifts, Talents, Training or Expertise in the use of Spiritual Healing Modalities and Techniques.

The Verified, Certified and Licensed Designations are NOT associated to any Legal Agencies in any jurisdiction of the United States of America or abroad but, is granted by our Spiritual Verification/Certification Division and Ecclesiastical Licensing Affiliate.

Joining with us means that you agree to our Prerequisites to Membership Designations and Code of Standards/Ethics. 

Gaining Approval as a Program means your Educational Blueprint has been reviewed and meets certain basic requirements.


Spiritual Healer

Verified means to demonstrate that (something) is true, accurate, or justified. 

Open to

Students of Approved Programs 

who are not taking payment for services but, may be taking donations can apply by Completing the Steps below. 

Note: You will list your Study Program as part of the Process. We can Approve your Study Program.

Steps to Student Verification:

A. Complete the Student Verification Application. Provide Proof of Enrollment in an Approved Program

B. Complete the Anatomy & Physiology "As Spiritual Perspective" Course ($99).

C. Purchase the $29 Membership. Expires in 2 Years.

Advancement to Certified Membership required within 2 years.

Benefits: Use the title VSHS (Verified Spiritual Healer Student after your Name and your Study Program listed on your Certificate. Qualified to begin the Certification process upon Graduation. Access to Liability Insurance and more...

 Spiritual Healer 

Certified means recognized as meeting certain requirements and standards of practice as a Spiritual Healer. 

Open to: 

Graduate Students and Practicing Professionals upon providing a Diploma or a Certificate of Completion in one/more Spiritual Healing Modalities/ Techniques of Approved Programs and the Steps below. 

Note: You will list your Study Programs and provide copies of your Diplomas and Certificates as part of the Application Process. We can Approve your Certificate Program.

Steps to Professional Certification:

A.  Complete the ISPA/A4C Professional Practices, Ethics, and the Informed Consent Form Course ($195).  

B. Complete the Certified Application

C. Purchase the $49 Membership. Expires in 1 year. 

Annual Renewal: $49 and 10 Continuing Education Credits in an Approved Programs CE Course.

Requirement: Must advance to Licensed Spiritual Healer within 2 years. 

Benefits: Use the title CSHP ( Certified Spiritual Healer Professional) after your Name and up to 3 Modalities/Techniques listed on your Certificate. Qualified to begin the Licensed Spiritual Healer process. Access to Liability Insurance and more... 

Spiritual Healer 

Licensed means formal permission and to practice a Professionally Certified Modalities/Techniques & Spiritual Coaching Skills as Trained with clients.

Open to: 

Certified Practitioners, Specialists, etc.

upon presenting Proof of Certification and Completion of Practices, Ethics and Informed Consent Forms Course and the Steps below.  

Licensing as a Spiritual Healer will occur with our Affiliate, the Federation of Spiritual Healer License Boards.

Note: You will be required to provide a copy of your Certification and Certificates of Completion of Required Courses as part of the Application Process. 

Steps to Spiritual Healer Licensing:

A. Complete the ISHPA/A4C - Spiritual Coaching Skills Course ($225)

B. Complete the FSHLB Application Process.

Dues: $65 or less to FSHLB.

Annual Renewal: $55-$65 and 10 Continuing Education Credits from an Approved Programs CE Course.

Benefits: Use the title LSH (Licensed Spiritual Healer) after your Name and Qualified to begin Practicing Your Certified Healing Techniques/Modalities as registered with FSHLBAccess to Liability Insurance and more...


ISHPA - Code of Standards and Ethics

  1. I will have a Minister, Spiritual Healer, Coach or Counselor whom I can turn for advice and confer with about mutual concerns.
  2. I will be aware of my own needs and vulnerabilities, never seeking to meet my personal needs through my clients.
  3. I will recognize the power I hold over clients and never take advantage of them through exploitation or manipulation.
  4. I will never become sexually or romantically involved with a client or engage in any form of erotic or romantic contact.
  5. I will demonstrate unconditional acceptance toward all clients, regardless of their standards, beliefs, attitudes, or actions.
  6. I will refer clients to another professional who can provide appropriate service, if I am unable to properly/legally assist.
  7. I will maintain a Current Informed Consent Form and utilize it with every client prior to providing services.
  8. I will keep all client matters confidential unless hazardous for the client or another person or by law must be disclosed.
  9. I will continue my personal and professional development by participating in Continuing Education regularly. 
  • I will seek to support the policies and beliefs of ISHPA to the best of my ability.